The Top 5 Men’s Wallets

top 5 men's wallets

An easy guide for choosing a wallet for men

Advice from Casanova 1948: the definitive guide for a simple choice

The wallet is one of those accessories that, like the mobile phone, we always carry with us. Every man should have a stylish wallet that highlights his personality and style and combines two fundamental elements: functionality and aesthetics. When evaluating the purchase of this accessory, you must carefully determine all the peculiarities that distinguish it so that you get a product that meets your expectations:

  • Dimension
  • Type of leather
  • Color
  • Number of internal pockets

They are all aspects that you must think about in the initial stages, which is why the choice between the different types of wallets should not be underestimated.
You are probably wondering:

How can I find the best wallet type for me?

This delicate process has been simplified by Casanova1948, thanks to the comprehensive experience it has acquired over the years that make it one of the best leather goods companies on the international market. Casanova1948 gives you the possibility of having a leather product custom made by expert craftsmen, Made in Italy, which is personalized to your exact specifications, meticulously considering even the finest details – all of which guarantee a final product beyond comparison.

Although originally wallets were made primarily of leather or cowhide and were only used to hold coins and banknotes, today with the changing habits and types of payment the wallet has evolved as well. New models on the market respond to wide-ranging requests for presentability, aesthetics and practicality. Wallets are now designed in various shapes, types of leather, colors and sizes.

What is the main feature that we have to evaluate?

One of the first fundamental aspects to consider, in addition to design, is the shape and size of the wallet: accurately evaluating the available space and the number of documents and cards that the wallet holds is the first step if you want a product that satisfies your every need and is sure to last over the course of time.

Based on these ideas we are going to choose the ideal wallet type. This choice is obviously subjective but a more simple still design is advisable, equipped with the right number of pockets that can hold all the essentials for you. However, it often happens that you need more space, for example if you travel often. This is why we have some ad hoc solutions including men’s bags and messenger bags – another must from the collections proposed by Casanova1948 –which are able to safely hold more items.

Very often people end up buying items, maybe even from famous brands, that do not meet their needs. Sometimes this is due to insufficient space, other times due to the size or even the leather, the workmanship, or the color ….

Did we get it?

That’s why a wallet in soft leather personalized by Casanova1948 according to your specific needs is the best solution.

So today, with the advent of credit cards and the ability to customize each piece thanks to the new materials on the market, this product can easily satisfy any need and preference. The choice, therefore, depends on your lifestyle and your personality. The goal of Casanova1948 is to respond to these requests in the best way possible and create something unique that can satisfy the needs of the customer in a flawless manner.

Even though it is a fashion accessory, the finer details are what set it apart from the standard “off-the-shelf” products.

Be careful though.

This guide is full of useful information. In order to properly evaluate the best options available on the market we have put together a selection of the top 5 wallets.

The second aspect of a wallet that must be established with particular attention is the type of leather. The leather type enhances the design and color, thus representing the most basic element of the wallet from an aesthetic point of view. But that’s not the only importance: it also determines the resistance and durability of the wallet, although over time the leather takes on a slight worn-in look which is considered a pleasing change in color tone. Casanova1948 has always used only top quality leathers, including traditional leathers, such as full-grain and baranil, as well as exotic ones such as crocodile, python, hippopotamus, elephant or shark. From such extensive experience comes a brand capable of recommending the best available products on the market in order to create a soft leather wallet that is unique, made exclusively in Italy by the best Italian craftsmen, highly customized and studied in the finest detail. And most importantly it can be designed to satisfy any stylistic preferences and the most varied needs.

Therefore, carefully evaluating the type of leather is very important: the cow and the calf go together perfectly with the most classic wallet models, and the most popular colors are black and the various shades of brown. But you can choose any color, giving free rein to your creativity. You can even create designs with two or more shades – for example, you may want elegant, classic colors on the outside and original, multicolor and bright colors on the inside, for a unique one-of-a-kind wallet.

In addition to the above options, you also have the possibility of designing even the most exotic accessories made of alligator, python, ostrich, and others, which represent a luxury niche sector.

The Best Leather:
  • Smooth or Textured Italian Alpine Calfskin : Durable and High-Quality Leather in many color shades
  • Alligator Leather : Most Durable and Exclusive Leather
  • Elephant and Hippopotamus Leather : Most Rare and Ltd.Ed. Leather, Durable, Every piece is unique
  • Python ( Sneakskin ) Leather : One of the best choice for Womans, Fashion texture and many color variations
  • Ostrich Leather : Very nice pattern, soft and delicate leather

A fundamental rule to ensure that your wallet will never get ruined is the care, and the Casanova1948 team is always trying to remind clients of just how important it is. You must take special care of your wallet and clean it periodically both inside and outside with specific products for this purpose, and then dry it carefully so that mold does not form. You should follow the appropriate instructions that you can easily find on our website.

Last but not least, you can give your wallet that special finishing touch that makes your wallet uniquely yours. The last customizable feature for products crafted by Casanova 1948 is the possibility of engraving your initials on the leather, to guarantee a one-of-a-kind, personalized product.

Now you’re probably wondering: What wallet styles are on the market?

  • The classic wallet: either a horizontal or vertical shape, it has enough room for banknotes, documents, coins and credit cards.
  • The card holder: for those who own numerous loyalty cards, credit cards and promo-cards.
  • The Minimalist and Slim Wallets: for those who want to bring only the essentials with them.
  • Travel wallet: to hold your passport and airline tickets .
  • The fashionista: for anyone who wants to follow the latest fashions.

The wallet styles recommended by Casanova1948

  • Bi-fold wallet
  • Tri-fold wallet
  • Compact wallet with money clip
  • Travel wallet
  • Card holder

Bi-fold. It is the most classic and widespread wallet style, a fashion icon, practical and not bulky, made up of two horizontal or vertical folding sections, which adapt very well to everyday uses. In the central compartment you can insert the banknotes while the two side sections are composed of many convenient pockets that hold credit cards and standard size cards. The Bi-fold is also available in the slim version, which is even less bulky. It is the perfect balance between great aesthetics, reduced dimensions and practicality.

Tri-fold. This wallet is like the bi-fold but with just one more partition that opens in the center, the main purpose of which is its usefulness and accessibility, while it can always be characterized by an elegant design. It’s a slightly more bulky yet more spacious version. It is essential for those who need to hold more cards, documents and business cards.

Compact wallet with money clip. This super slim wallet style is characterized by its elevated and stylish design, but that does not hold many documents and cards internally. It exhibits functionality and minimalism for a timeless product designed for those who appreciate class and sophistication.

Travel wallet. It is a unique accessory used especially by those who often travel for business or pleasure: passports, tickets and other documents necessary for your trip fit easily and seamlessly inside. It is very functional and versatile, always elegant and refined, and it is often completed with a practical shoulder strap or a safety wrist strap for convenience.

Card holder. This quintessential credit card holder redefines the term elegance, exhibits ultra-minimalist design and is meticulously thought out. It is an accessory of great design, that astutely combines functionality and aesthetics: slightly larger than a normal credit card, surprisingly lightweight and extremely efficient thanks to the many compartments inside. It can also be easily inserted into a jacket pocket without deforming it.

Casanova1948 guarantees a custom-made product, handcrafted in Italy with only the highest quality materials and resistant to wear and tear over time. Every single detail is personally checked to guarantee a unique, flawless product.

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