Smooth Leather, Textured Leather and Exotic Skins Care Kit Guide

Smooth & Textured Exotic Leather Care Kit

Dear Customer,
we would like to thank you for choosing Casanova1948’s SMOOTH, TEXTURED AND EXOTIC Leather Care Kit.

If you still are not our customer we appreciate if you take care of your leather products using our leather care instructions ( with specific leather goods brushes and creams ).

To use this guide, if you are not an owner of our leather care kit. please get: 2 tins of polish ( neutral and black ), 2 shoes polishing brushes ( neutral and black ), 2 shoes polish daubers ( natural and black ), 1 cotton cloth and Meltonian or Casanova1948 Neutral and Black cream. Buy the specific leather goods polish products only from specialized shop online or in your town ( ask for any question ).

Important! this instructions are only for Smooth and Textures Leather, Alligator and Lizard Skins, avoid to use them with Suede or Nubuck Leather goods.


  1. Remove dust from the shoe with a clean brush (the natural wood brush for lighter leather, the brown brush for darker leather)
  2. With the dauber (again, use the natural wood to apply clear polish, and the brown wood for dark/black polish), spread the polish evenly over the entire surface of the shoe, especially on the seams, and let it absorb; this will restore leather hydration and preserve the seams.
  3. Leave the polish in place for about 20 minutes, then buff the shoe with brisk, side to side motions of the brush.
  4. Give the final touches with the cotton cloth to remove any excess polish on the shoe.

Leather Care Kit. pdf Guide

Enjoy your shoe care!

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