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Becoming a Casanova1948 reseller gives you the opportunity to offer high-quality accessories, made with the finest leathers available, and to present your customer with a truly customized item that is uniquely tailored to his personality and style.

Our starter kit includes a pre-selected range of products accompanied by sample modular displays (showcase and counter) that will help you guide the customer step by step in choosing the product:

  • Each belt will be unique, cut to the exact length desired, made in the material of his choice and even in the color and stitching that best suits his or her outfit.
  • Each wallet, coming in horizontal/vertical and compact/standard options, will have more than adequate layout and can be customized with his initials.
  • And you order the item only after it’s been sold!

    Our collections include full-grain calfskin and exotic skins such as alligator, python, stingray, ostrich, elephant, hippo and shark – a collection that is by far one of the most unique and highly appreciated on the market. The tradition of Made in Italy, combined with over 50 years of experience in the work of fine artisan carftsmanship, allow us to create and individually tailor each item:
    your store will become a point of reference for the most discerning clients, for the worldly citizens attentive to fine detail and class, and who have an eye for orginality and novelty without sacrificing their passion for the classic.

    Since all products are 100% Made in Italy, our production is limited:

    • We do not achieve more than 15 units a day, as we stay meticulously attent to each phase of the process, from your order receipt to packaging and shipping.
    • Each product is individually handcrafted because we take great pride in customer satisfaction.

    What we ask of the retailer is not a financial commitment but professionalism and seriousness. Our dealer must be able to assist the customer in choosing the product and be able to promote the Casanova1948 brand, enhancing the personalized service and refined materials that it offers.

    To request a meeting please fill out the form below and we will contact you by phone to evaluate together the collaboration opportunity.

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