International Banknote sizing references for classic, compact or slim wallets

Banknote Dimensions

Does the wallet fit my bills? Here’s a list of the major currencies’ banknote size (updated in 2017), to help you understand if your bills will fit right into the wallet you wish to buy.

Classic men’s wallets of most major brands and designers are usually large enough to fit any kind of currency. The same is true for all our bigger formats.

Our classic wallets and long wallets, both in calfskin and exotic leathers, are all compatible with large format banknotes.

But what about compact or slim wallet with money clips or other small and custom made wallets? Most of our compact wallets can also fit the most common international banknotes. Nonetheless, we suggest you compare the product description and data sheet with the list of the major international banknotes out below as a reference guide. For any further doubt, please contact us and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

Women’s wallets are usually larger in size and are therefore a perfect fit for all kinds of banknotes. Recently, however, our female customers have shown interest in purchasing more compact wallets, perhaps to use them in the summer or in more formal occasions. Whatever your reasons, please refer to the following guide to the most common size of banknotes for your convenience.

* Research updated on June.2017

Banknote Dimensions: US Dollar
All US Dollar have the same dimensions: 6.14 inches wide x 2.61 inches long ( 156mm x 66.3mm )

United States Dollar Specs (Wiki)

Banknote Dimensions: Euro

Euro banknote specs and security features against counterfeiting

Banknote Dimensions: British Pound

Banknotes of the British pound sterling (Wiki) Current Banknotes of England

Banknote Dimensions: Canadian Dollar
All Canadian Dollar have the same dimensions: 152.4mm x 69.85mm

Outline of Canadian Banknotes and specs

Banknote Dimensions: Australian Dollar

Current Australian Banknotes

Banknote Dimensions: Japanese Yen

Outline of the Issuance and Circulation of Japanese Banknotes

Banknote Dimensions: Russian Rubles

Current Russian Banknotes

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