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Hippopotamus Leather Goods

About Hippo Leather

The Hippopotamus leathers, as Elephant Leather, is possibly one of the most exclusive and rare leather, in the sense of the small quantity of leather panels going to production as a rest production of deceased animals, the hippo skins derived from animals not hunter but rather from those who have died of natural causes. The leather panel price is higher during the non harvesting period, this period could be long one or more years.

The hippo’s natural wrinkled skin is irregular in its texture but comes in grain and nubuck finish but is tanned to be soft to the touch, it feels and look like suede.

Hippo HideThe substance of hippo leather is about 1.2-2.2mm, due to its thickness this exotic leather is particularly durable, popular applications includes: small leather goods, shoes and gus holsters.

Between the scars, the variations in shading and wrinkle patterns that are as individual as fingerprints, a master craftsmen are able to create truly unique leather accessories such as bags, purses, and small leather goods.. It requires a great amount of skilled craftsmanship and careful selection of hide parts in order to create a uniform coloration and smooth, unnoticeable stitching.

We purchase our exotic hides from Italian tanneries who follow the strict requirements of the Convention of International Treaty of Endangered Species (CITES) permits.

Our Hippo Wallets and Hippo Belts

Casanova1948 produces different hippopotamus leather items, from classic wallets to compact wallets, up to belts and, on atelier orders, bags and document holders.

Bi fold Classic Horizontal Wallet

It is the most common and classique wallet, features several credit card pockets, 2 banknote compartments, 2 or 4 extra pockets and optionally clearview ID pocket or coin purse. Dimensions: (W) 13cm x (H) 9.5cm

Bi fold Vertical Wallet

This classic vertical wallet, one of the most used wallets, is a perfect daily companion because its generous amount of pockets and layout availables.
Dimensions: (W) 9 cm (H) 12.5 cm

Bi fold Square Wallet

A gorgeous compromise between dimension, layout and portability, it feature one banknote compartment plus several pockets and additional compartments.
Dimensions: (W) 10 cm (H) 9.5 cm

Business Credit Card Case

A large document holder and credit card holder with 5 or 9 credit card pockets and an upper main compartment. It is a good idea for the holidays or the summer for its limited thickness.
DIMENSIONS: (W) 12.5 cm (H) 9 cm<

Card Holders

Classic pocket card holders in different versions, extra small with 2 c/card pockets, small with 4 c/card pockets or
medium with 6 c/card pockets, all models with one superior compartments.
DIMENSION: DIMENSIONS: (W) 10 cm (H) 6 / 8 cm

Money Clip Wallet

A modern, practical and Slim wallet. With central spring money clip this thin wallet is equipped with 6 additional pockets for c / card or pocket at sight plus 2 extra pockets.
DIMENSIONS: (W) 11 cm (H) 8 cm ( 8.5cm EU Version )

Exotic Men’s Belts

Exotic Belt for Man, 35mm (1.38in) or 40mm (1.57in) width , tapered-tip strap, custom stitching color, lined with natural vachetta vegetable tanning.
DIMENSIONS: Made-to-Order waist size

Leather Specs

Our skins are mostly from Zambia, the leather panels are brown nubuck finish, chrome tanned with vegetable retanning, selection ext/sp/reg, CITES appendix II.

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