With years of experience in the field, the craftsman understands the leather: he understands its beauty and imperfections. He understands how to handle it, mold it, work with it in order to create a true piece of art. In his small studio, surrounded by artistry, history, and tradition, the artist’s creativity abounds. For him the leather is not a material but a canvas upon which he diffuses a passion for fine, traditional craftsmanship.

And yet, unlike the painter who sees a canvas blank and void of history, a leather artisan sees a history, a story to be told. Looking at the beauty and “imperfections” of the piece in front of him, he sees the animal’s journey – the scars, notches, creases and lines that occur through years of living in the wild. This journey is unique and genuine; it cannot be invented or recreated.

As the craftsman studies and seeks to understand the piece, a whirlwind of inspiration unfolds before his minds eye, creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces.


Alone in this tucked away studio, the craftsman seeks to use his passion of artistry to bring the animal’s story to life. Here, passion intermingles with knowledge, awareness and an Italian tradition deep-rooted in history.

The result is an exquisite display of artwork that takes shape in unique leather creations – each with its own story, each with its own passion.

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