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The Handmaking Process of a Jewelry Bangle

Italian Designer fashion brown Alligator bracelet jewelry bangle


Handmade Endcaps for Bangles

Each bangle is crafted using an ancient manual art where the leather is hand-cut piece by piece and wrapped around the inner padded band: the result is a unique and precious bangle, always different from each other thanks to its peculiar exotic leather pattern, always beautiful yet different at the same time. The endcaps are hand-forged from a bronze ( or sterling silver, or gold ) clean bar. In the “Moresco” Collection metal pieces are first engraved by hand and polished one by one prior to the coating process ( and enamelling in some cases ). After a rest period, the leather acquires a unique softness and shiny effect by undergoing a specific treatment with appropriate skin care products.

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Brand name Belt types and Designer Buckles Compatibility

Belt Buckles Types Leather Belt Strap Models

As you may be aware, there are several kinds of buckles to fit many types of belts, both for men and women.
Since the 50’s and with few exceptions, all name and designer brands have been selling different types of buckles and here is a sum up of the most common ones :

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Fabric Glossary & Textile Fibers Codes

Casanova1948 textile fibers codes and fabric glossary

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Common Textile Terms Translations Table

Textile Terms Glossary is a useful web resource of technical terms popular in the textile industry. Textile Fibers Codes is a must have resource for international translations of textile fiber codes.


The ability of a fabric to take in moisture. Absorbency is a very important property, which effects many other characteristics such as skin comfort, static build-up, shrinkage, stain removal, water repellency, and wrinkle recovery.

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