Classic Leather Brown Calfskin Soft Grain Naturally Wrinkled Leather Men's Belt

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Classic Leather Brown Calfskin Soft Grain Naturally Wrinkled Leather Men's Belt View Full Size
Classic Leather Brown Calfskin Soft Grain Naturally Wrinkled Leather Men's Belt
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Classic belt made of matte Leather Brown Soft Grain Naturally Wrinkled leather , available in 3.0cm ( 1.18in ) or 3.5cm width  ( 1.38in ), tapered-tip strap, optional edge stitching, lined with natural calf shoulder (natural tanning).

Shiny finish palladium or gold plating over nickel free brass buckle. Our signature classic buckles are embellished with 925‰ Sterling Silver emblem.

Please refer to our belt sizing guide to assure correct sizing before placing your order.

Customer questions & answers

Our leather goods are custom order only : they are handcrafted according to your specifications. Please allow 7 - 10 business days for your bespoke leather good to be made and dispatched to you.

Belt Size

To choose the size for your new belt, please first refer to our BELT SIZING GUIDE and follow the instructions carefully to get accurate measurements before placing your order.

Belt Width

Please select your desired width from the scroll down menu.
IMPORTANT! If ordering a replacement belt strap, be as accurate as possible: a wrong value selected will cause your new strap not to fit your designer buckle !
You may help yourself to convert from imperial to metric system by using the CM / MM to INCH Converter.

Our Signature Man's Buckles

A selection of handmade signature buckles designed by our master goldsmith from Valenza Po. Our featured buckles, embellished with 925‰ Sterling Silver emblem, have been carefully chosen to perfectly match each collection.
All our buckles are nickel-free.

Shiny Silver Classic Buckle
Outer Stitching

Availability: CUSTOM ORDER


How to Measure Your Belt Size

to watch the Video Guide click here

To get the best fit when buying a belt on-line, it is important to select the correct size based upon an accurate measurement. Your belt size is not the same as your pants or waist size. Because your belt goes around you and your pants, your tucked in shirt, and your underwear, your belt size is usually one or two inches larger than your pants or waist size.

What we are trying to determine here is your BELT SIZE, i.e. the size to use for length when placing your order. The BELT LENGTH from end to end is not considered for measurement purposes because it also includes the width of the buckle itself plus a few additional inches of leather that every belt must have to the left of the buckle once it’s fastened.
From the last (widest) punched hole to the very end of the strap tip, a belt should measure 10cm / 4 inches for standard belts with five holes and 12,5cm / 5 inches for those with three holes (Hermes style). As a rule of thumb, when in the widest belt hole, the bes belt should be long enough to tuck the belt tip under your first belt loop.

When it comes to measuring your belt size, there are different options according to your wearing habits and belt/buckle types.


Using a belt that you already have, put it on and make a note of the hole that fits you comfortably:
  1. ON BELT STRAPS with DETACHABLE BUCKLES, just remove the buckle and tape measure the distance between the buckle hole ( A ) where the prong goes, all the way to your favorite hole ( B ).
  2. ON STANDARD BELTS, carefully stretch out the belt on a flat surface and, depending on the buckle type you have, tape measure from either the prong or the inside of the buckle where the buckle tongue ends ( C ), to whichever hole is currently being used ( D ) as shown below. Basically, the measurement you need to provide us with will be the sum of two dimensions: the “BELT SIZE” (the length from the fold in the leather belt to the main hole you will use) PLUS the “BUCKLE LENGTH” (the length from the fold in the leather belt to the hook in the buckle).
This establishes optimum sizing (length) and will be the middle hole (out of five) of your new belt.
Belt Size Detachable Buckle Explained
Belt Size Standard Buckle Explained

By using this method, you can be 100% confident that your new belt will fit you perfectly. Furthermore, in most cases it will let you save your old buckle (unless sewn on the strap) and use it on your new belt (if the buckle is detachable).

On your new belt, that same dimension will be the measurement from where the buckle attaches to the belt to the center hole. From this center hole most of our belts (except for Hermes style straps with 3 total holes) have two punched holes longer (at one inch increments) and two punched holes shorter (at one inch increments); this arrangement gives you the widest relevant range in adjusting your belt.

OPTION 2 – withOUT Belts –

Measuring your body circumference

Making Sure you are NOT wearing a belt while doing this, put a measuring tape through your pant/skirt loops and wrap it around your waist. Because you don’t want your new belt to interfere with your breath, inhale deeply and then measure your girth. This measures your bodily circumference. This is the measurement you need to provide when ordering your new belt.


OPTION 3 – withOUT Belts –

Measuring your waist

Tape measure your waistline according to where you intend to wear the belt ( waist, hips or somewhere in between ):

  1. MID / REGULAR WAIST: measure around your natural waistline
  2. LOW WAIST: measure around 2-3 inches below your natural waistline, where low-rise pants would fall;
  3. HIGH WAIST: measure around 2-3 inches above your natural waistline;

For more accurate sizing, we strongly suggest you to take your measurements WITHOUT wearing garments and eventually add one or two inches. The size to use for length when placing your belt order will equal your bodily circumference PLUS the girth of your underwear, shirts, pants or skirt.

OPTION 4 – withOUT Belts –
(for MEN ONLY!! – LADIES: please disregard this section and follow directions on Option 2 or 3)

Based on your pants size, pick your belts one or two sizes larger to get a good fit: if you wear a 36” trouser waist, a belt labeled 38"-40” will probably be in the right neighborhood. Remember, the 38”-40" will be the measurement from where the buckle connects to the belt to the hole currently being used. This works some of the times, but it is not the most accurate way.

Because sizing varies with different methods, it is recommended you don't order the size taken from another belt without measuring it first.

Casanova1948 How to measure your belt size v3.0 PDF version

  • Gender: Men's
  • Craftsmanship: 100% Made in Italy
  • Product Name: Classic
  • Belt Width: 3.0cm OR 3.5cm / 1.18in OR 1.38in
  • Leather Type: Full-Grain Textured Calfskin
  • Leather Color: Leather Brown ( Cuoio )
  • Leather Finish: Matte
  • Leather Tanning: Chrome-tanned with Vegetable Retanning

  • Reference: MB-0013-CL-CA

$ 248.00

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For a more elegant option that can still be worn on a day-to-day basis, take a look at our Classic Belts. They’re not glossy or overly formal like our Narrow Belts for ladies or Formal Belts for men. They can be used in the office with a dress or a pair of men’s or women’s slacks.

These belts are designed and handcrafted in a variety of materials and generally range from 2.5cm/3.0cm – 3.5cm in width. Whether it’s for the workplace or for everyday use, you can be sure to find an option that expresses your personal style.


Textured Soft-grain Italian Calfskin

Our Classic Belts, Formal Belts and Casual Belts are exclusively handcrafted using top quality Full-grain Smooth, Pebbled (Naturally Wrinkled) or Textured Calfskin Leather, i.e. the first choice available on the market.

Naturally Wrinkled Calfskin

Naturally Wrinkled Calfskin LeatherTannage: classic chrome tanning, vegetable retanningGrain structure: milled, pronounced grain effectHandle: full, round, soft bounce
Dyeing: drum dyedSubstances: 1.8-2.0mm | 2.0-2.2mmFinishing: semianilin, two tone

Data Sheet: Classic Leather Brown Calfskin Soft Grain Naturally Wrinkled Leather Men's Belt

Gender :Men's
Craftsmanship :100% Made in Italy
Product Name :Classic
Belt Width :3.0cm OR 3.5cm / 1.18in OR 1.38in
Leather Type :Full-Grain Textured Calfskin
Leather Color :Leather Brown ( Cuoio )
Leather Finish :Matte
Leather Tanning :Chrome-tanned with Vegetable Retanning

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