Men's Slim Alligator Money Clip Wallet: color choice

  • Custom Order
Men's Slim Alligator Money Clip Wallet: color choice View Full Size
Men's Slim Alligator Money Clip Wallet: color choice
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Men's Slim Horizontal Wallet entirely crafted with glazed or matte Alligator skin and lined with soft Italian lambskin.
This exlcusive Bifold wallet features 6 credit card pockets, 1 money clip and 2 extra pockets ( one each side ). It is is entirely handmade by expert artisans and embellished with Casanova1948™ emblem.

Customer's Choice

  • Interior Organization
  • Alligator Color: from our premium selection
  • Leather Finish: Glazed or Matte Alligator
  • Optional Embossing (2 Initials)

Customer questions & answers

DIMENSIONS: (W) 11 cm (H) 8 cm

Our leather goods are custom order only : they are handcrafted according to your specifications. Please allow 15 - 20 business days for your bespoke leather good to be made and dispatched to you.

Alligator Colors
Glossy AGAVE Alligator
Interior Organization

Choose your favourite layout.

Compact Slim w/Money Clip #05525

Availability: CUSTOM ORDER

  • Gender: Men's
  • Craftsmanship: 100% Made in Italy
  • Product Name: Nike
  • Function: Slim with Money Clip
  • Leather Type: Alligator
  • Leather Color: customer's choice
  • Leather Finish: customer's choice
  • Leather Tanning: Chrome-tanned with Vegetable Retanning
  • W: 11
  • H: 8

  • Reference: NIKE-05525-AL

$ 460.00

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Compact Slim Alligator Wallet with Money Clip NIKE-05525

Layout Nike 05525

  • 6 Credit Card Pockets
  • 2 Extra Pockets
  • 1 Money Clip with Spring

Compact Slim Alligator Wallet with Money Clip and ClearView NIKE-05530

Layout Nike 05530

  • 3 Credit Card Pockets
  • 1 Extra Pockets
  • 1 Clearview ID Pocket
  • 1 Money Clip with Spring


Alligator and Crocodile are the exotic materials of choice for the high-end product lines of many designers such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Burberry, Versace, and Hermes. Because of its high quality, rarity, and beautiful leather veins, crocodile is a more expensive skin.

Alligator LeahterAlthough it is often difficult to identify the differences to the untrained eye, the crocodile and alligator have some distinguishing characteristics. While the crocodile has more rectangular-shaped scales, those of the alligator are more square-shaped.

Furthermore, the crocodile’s medium-sized scales change gradually as you move from its centerline to the hips, shrinking slightly and becoming more rounded in shape.
On the other hand, the alligator’s scales are much larger on the centerline of the belly and become abruptly smaller towards the hips. The alligator is also distinguished by a shorter head and more narrow, webbed feet. Although common in North and South America, the alligators coming from Louisiana and Mississippi are particularly valuable due to their skin quality.


Data Sheet: Men's Slim Alligator Money Clip Wallet: color choice

Gender :Men's
Craftsmanship :100% Made in Italy
Product Name :Nike
Function :Slim with Money Clip
Leather Type :Alligator
Leather Color :customer's choice
Leather Finish :customer's choice
Leather Tanning :Chrome-tanned with Vegetable Retanning
W :11
H :8

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