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Luxury Custom Wallets, Exotic Belts and Bespoke Leather Goods

Compact Wallets, Slim Wallets, and Custom Leather Goods

Founded in 1948, our master craftsmen have been creating superior quality leather goods like wallets, belts and bags, for over 50 years. Each product is individually handcrafted using premium tanned hides and Italian artisan techniques established centuries ago in the heart of the Italian leather district.

Custom Leather Goods Benefits:

  • • Choose your preferred genuine Italian calfskin leather color and type
  • • Choose your exotic skin color and type
  • • Customize your Wallet Interior Layout or your Belt design
  • • Atelier one-on-one Service
  • • Limited edition skin for the most demanding customers

Design your personalized leather wallet, belt or pocket accessory

Casanova1948 not only guarantees master craftsmanship and premium raw materials, but it also sets itself apart by allowing you, the client, to design your personalized leather wallet, belt or leather good.Our easy-to-use platform will guide you through the design process, step by step.

Are you looking for a leather belt or wallet with a more classic look or something a bit more trendy or elegant? With Casanova1948, you can create a customized leather belt or personalized leather wallet to meet your specific needs. First, choose from our genuine Italian calfskin leathers or exotic skins. Next, you can choose the color and type of leather or skin for your product. Then, you'll move on to customizing the interior layout if you're designing a leather wallet. If you're designing a leather belt, you will choose other design options such as length, width, stitching type and color, etc. Limited edition skins are also available for customers who are looking for personalized leather belts or wallets made from exclusive raw materials.

We also offer an Atelier one-on-one customer service so that you can speak directly with our leather artisans about your product design and needs.

No other leather workshop pays such meticulous attention to detail and gives the customer the ability to design a unique, one-of-a-kind leather product.

Our fully personalized Wallets, Belts and Leather Goods

Casanova1948 gives you full design flexibility allowing you to choose leather types, leather colors, finishing, and much more with the help of our guided design platform with preset layout options to create personalized leather belts, classic wallets, compact wallets or leather goods. We use only premium raw materials including calfskin leather, alligator leather, ostrich leather and limited edition skins such us Hippopotamus leather, elephant leather or shark leather. NONE OF OUR LEATHERS COME FROM HUNTING. ALL OUR EXOTIC SKINS ARE CERTIFIED BY CITES. With our guided design platform you, the customer, can fully personalize your new leather wallets, belts and leather goods or, with our Atelier service support, you can even draw up your own design layout so that instead of buying from the brand, you are the brand.

How to Measure your Wrist Size

How to Measure your Wrist Size

If you need to buy a bracelet or bangle, Casanova1948 helps you identify the correct size according to the most recognized international standards.

Suede and Nubuck Leather Goods Care Kit Guide

Suede and Nubuck Leather Goods Care Kit Guide

Our suede and nubuk leather goods care kit guide ( for shoes, belts, wallets and accessories ), 100% Made in Italy with high-quality ingredients and materials.